Dnsmasq is a lightweight DHCP and DNS server written by Simon Kelley. Please see here for more information on dnsmasq. A basic HOWTO by Richard Brown on Dnsmasq can be found here.

SynDnsmasq is dnsmasq compiled and packaged as third-party application for Synology DiskStations.


The author shall not in any way be liable for any damage or legal consequences as a result of using this software. I make absolutly no warranties about the reliability of this software. Use it at your own risk!

Attention: when upgrading, always backup your config file first!


See the current readme.txt for a list of supported platforms, information on how to configure dnsmasq on your Synology DiskStation and a changelog.

05/11/2014: SynDnsmasq 2.72.001 (dnsmasq 2.72)

22/11/2013: SynDnsmasq 2.65.002 (dnsmasq 2.65)

17/02/2013: SynDnsmasq 2.65.001 (dnsmasq 2.65)

24/02/2010: SynDnsmasq 2.52.004 (dnsmasq 2.52)

15/02/2010: SynDnsmasq 2.52.003 (dnsmasq 2.52)

07/02/2010: SynDnsmasq 2.52.002 (dnsmasq 2.52)

05/02/2010: SynDnsmasq 2.52.001 (dnsmasq 2.52)


SynDnsmasq is distributed under the General Public License (GPL).


SynDnsmasq is maintained by Robert Pollai. You can contact me at syndnsmasq at